Stefano Bombardieri

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Stefano Bombardieri, Marta e l'elefante

Fiberglass and iron sculpture


Via Roma, in front of bar Alberto
Dimensions: Height 500 cm - Width 180x473 cm
Year: 2018

Bio Breve

Stefano Bombardieri is an international and very well-known artist. His works are displayed in many important galleries in Italy and abroad. His sculptures represent animals as whales, rhinos, crocodiles and elephants which are suspended or trapped and crushed by mountains of luggage. They talk about the time, with its infinity and its suspension, and how we relate to it, with our fears and hopes. His works, in the balance between hyper-realism and surrealism invite us to a certain philosophical reflection. The artist uses the large size to involve the viewer inside his world: the artwork "Marta e l'elefante" represents a dream, a world seen with children's eyes, where everything is possible, also a little girl raising up an elephant.