Matteo Procaccioli

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Matteo Procaccioli, "Vestiges"


Liquid art system Capri, Via Vittorio Emanuele 56, 80073, Capri, (Italy)

Short Bio

Matteo Procaccioli was born in Jesi in 1983. After an artistic training, he worked with photography for about ten years. His research, focused on the theme of urban landscape and not, aims to capture the "between", the complex moment of transition between tradition, history and modernity. In his works man is physically absent, present only through the testimony of his passage in the boundless voids of the silent landscapes that distinguish them. There are no narratives, plots to be discovered, only atmospheres from which to be enveloped, involved to be dragged into the image. In his works time is suspended, the different spatial situations are deliberately unrecognizable, devoid of references to precise situations.
His works are born from an elaboration that combines traditional and innovative techniques. The recording of the real is an obligatory starting point to reach the finished work, the result of an articulated path, in which the artist physically works on the materiality of the image.
Procaccioli, with different points of observation, ranging from the search for verticality, with shots from the majestic city skyline to the city visions, photographed on a bird's flight in their natural context, lays the foundations for a reconsideration of the relationship between the structures, space and nature, whose absence, as in the case of man, is an eloquent reference to its essential presence.