Giuseppe Teofilo

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Giuseppe Teofilo, Untitled


Location: Terrace of the Funicolare

At the beginning, Giuseppe Teofilo's project was born only from the feeling of fascination inspired to the artist by the image of a stuck swordfish. In his research, there has always been a reference to the diver's life. Giuseppe Teofilo's father is a fisherman, as his father before him, and he sees himself as the heir of this family tradition. To this artist, fishes are very symbolic and he uses the sea species in a set of drawings to which he keeps adding new species. The work Swordfish in the stone portrays physically and metaphorically "a fish out of water" with all the shades of meaning that it brings. The large fish "escapes" from the waters of a sea, the Mediterranean sea, which is by now more and more characterized by tales of death... the death of those who - crossing its waters - chase the dream of a better life. Tales so close and yet they seem so far from the waters of Capri.
This sculpture is very symbolic. Its own image already refers to an archetype, that is the sword, which is historically well defined. In the western culture, this double-edged weapon is often related to the image of the cross and expresses ideas of strength, but also of justice. Furthermore, the swordfish is among the fastest sea animals and lives in open sea without natural barriers. Its genetic structure has not improved the ability to move or to slow down. So, it has no brakes and its shape recalls something fierce. All these meanings gather and converge to a clear point: where a conscious "aim" has chosen to launch this fish towards a surface which represents the ideal target.

Short Bio

Giuseppe Teofilo was born in Monopoli BA (Italy) in 1981.
He lives and works between Polignano a Mare, Naples and London.
His works are often the result of different items assembled together and coming from the Mediterranean tradition and classic tradition. Educated as a refined illustrator, his latest works are bodies of geometries via clusters of organic forms and natural elements, preferring Indian ink on paper.
He has been the winner of an "Ad hoc" prize in the 2007 edition of the Prize "Giovanni e Marella Agnelli" - Turin (Italy) - event chaired over by Francois Pinault. His latest exhibition at a museum was a personal exhibition in 2009 at the Pino Pascali Foundation. His works are on display in several important collections in Italy and abroad.