Francesco Carone

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Francesco Carone, Si sogna ciò che non si possiede (we dream what we don't have)

rum and baroque pearls

Location: Villa Lysis, first floor

Courtesy: SpazioA, Pistoia

As for the other artist's work at Capri's City Hall, longing for knowledge which goes beyond the direction. Upward or downward, as well as inside or outside ourselves. The same thirst to know and to go beyond one's limits in different states of aggregation. Enclosing ourselves in intimacy in which body and mind are protected by rest and dream, or diving into the infinite space to find out that extremes, as usual, look alike, fit and - eventually - touch each other over the horizon. A game of mutual exchange where the bivalve shells open to mirror their mother-of-pearl treasures into the celestial sky.
And, therefore, showing us the routes to follow.

Short Bio

Francesco Carone (Siena, 1975) mainly works with sculpture and graphic arts. Furthermore, he is the creator of Tempo Zulu, a project by which, for years, he has been inviting Italian and international artists and intellectuals to leave a permanent sign on the stones of the roads of his town. From 2012 to 2015 he contributed to the organization of Made in Filandia ( In 2014, he started TITOLO l'edito inedito, a travelling work/exhibition/library divided into ten "chapters". Since 2016, he is the creator and director - with Eugenia Vanni - of the Museo d'Inverno (, a space with a seasonal schedule where artists are invited to present a selection of other artists' works from their own private collections. From 2006, his reference gallery is SpazioA, Pistoia (
Among the latest personal exhibitions: 2016 - TITOLO l'edito inedito (cap. IV 'Il faro'), Villa Romana, Florence; Boudoir, Galleria SpazioA, Pistoia; Paradosso, Surplace Art Space, Varese; 2015 - TITOLO l'edito inedito (cap. III 'La stiva'), Spazio C.O.S.M.O., Milan; 2014 - TITOLO l'edito inedito (cap. I 'Il salotto borghese'), Madeinfilandia, Pieve a Presciano (AR); TITOLO l'edito inedito (cap. II 'Il giardino d'inverno'), Casabianca, Zola Predosa (BO). A summary of his latest collective exhibitions includes: 2016 - Che il vero possa confutare il falso, works from the collection AGT Verona, Palazzo Pubblico, Santa Maria della Scala, Accademia dei Fisiocritici, Siena; 2015 - Rebuilding the future, park of public works in Siracusa; Ri-pensare il medium: il fantasma del disegno, Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Casa Masaccio, San G.Valdarno, Arezzo; La sottile linea del tempo, works from the collection AGI Verona, Museo Miniscalchi Erizzo, Verona; La camera delle meraviglie, Palazzo Panciatichi, San G.Valdarno, Arezzo; 2014 - Volta, Philosophy Festival, Biblioteca Delfini, Galleria Civica di Modena, Modena; Krobilos un groviglio di segni, Biennale del Disegno di Rimini, FAR Fabbrica Arte Rimini / Museo della Città, Rimini.