Laura Cionci

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Laura Cionci, Progetto H, 2015

Glitter on resin statue statua

Location: Studio Lab - Via Vittorio Emanuele 50, Capri Via Vittorio Emanuele 37, Capri Square of Hotel Quisisana, Capri

"H" stands for 'Habracadabra', the ancient magic formula from the Hebrew language passed down through the ages as a magical invocation. In the Middle Ages 'Habracadabra' was used as a charm to cure fever and inflammation. The expression was then adopted by magicians as a formula to indicate the end of a magic show and was a signal for audiences to focus briefly on the incoming spell.
Laura Cionci therefore intervenes with reality using magic. To be an artist is to have an infinite number of arrows to shoot from your bow and to be an apprentice sorceress is to have the possibility of using a new language to apply to the banality of everyday.
In Capri, H project unfolds with an explosion of glitter - fragments of magic made from the same stuff of which dreams are made - from two classical sculptures of Venus and Adonis, exhibited in the narrow streets of the historic center of Capri.

Photos by Claudia Ferri

Short Bio

Laura Cionci was born in Rome in 1980. She lives and works between Italy and South America. She attended l'Accademia di Belle Arte of Rome under the direction of Prof. Gino Marotta. She began her artistic career in 2009.
Her research has developed around social issues, with an in-depth study of the anthropolical aspects that renders clear the diverse cultural, social and political codes.
In 2011 presents Ipnagogie in Rome in the gallery H ybrida Contemporanea curated by Martina Sconci and in the same year in Berlin presents Adoquines curated bu Fabio Campagna in the gallery 91 mq.
In 2012 begins her international career with the project Saude! in San Paulo within the project San Paulo Calling in Brazil and the project Carnevalma in Uruguay in the museum del Carnaval, in Argentina at the Center Cultural Borges and in Colombia with a performance of song, photography and video in the zona Rosa. In Buenos Aires develops various projects of which Colorem habet, substantiam vero alteram in the Law Faculty.
In 2013 in residence in the Institute of Italian culture of Montevideo and presents varies projects also in Buenos Aires.
Begins an international career with the project EXODUS curated by Emanuela Termine.
She is invited as an artist in residence for 9° giornata del contemporaneo, Lamezia Terme, with "The humor of love" project.
Subsequently in Rome, begins a new "project H" that will develop in Buenos Aires and in 2014 in Montevideo with an important work for the 70 years of the Teatro Verano.
Inaugurates in April 2014 the exhibition "PASODOBLE" in Franco Toselli, an historic gallery in Milan.
Currently she is in residence at the Foundation AMALGAMA Cultural, a Cali in Colombia.