Michelangelo Bastiani

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Michelangelo Bastiani, Percorso di Luce - Le otto fontane (Path of Light - The eight fountains), 2015

Dyptic, LED monitor, computer, 470x66 cm.

Location: StudioLab Via Vittorio Emanuele 50, Capri

Percorso di Luce - Le otto fontane (Path of Light - The eight fountains) is a site specific live and interactive video installation, created by Bastiani from the concept of Franco Senesi. The "path of light" cascades on either side of a walkway for the length of almost five metres, located in the historic center of Capri, off Via Vittorio Emanuele. The interactive fountain allows passersby to modify and divert the flow of water as they move and walk through the space. The direct involvement of the viewer makes the work a constantly changing flow with infinite variables. The relationship between the artwork and public becomes stronger, transforming the traditionally passive viewer into an active participant in the work as they stroll past.

Photo by Claudia Ferri

Short Bio

Michelangelo Bastiani, a florentine artist, he was born in Bibbiena (AR) the 26th July 1979. He graduated from the Academy of Fine of Arts of Florence in 2004, in the department of Painting and Photography with Master Gustavo Giulietti. His activity is mainly focused on video art. He lived for a period in California and New York, actually he lives in Tuscany and since 2006 he is collaborating with a New York Art Foundation. The Michelangelo Bastiani artworks are video installations on led screen or interactive video projections, the main theme is water and the nature. His art research is based on the interaction between the observer and the artwork. He exhibited in Museum and Art galleries in Europe and USA.