Leonardo Zaccone

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Leonardo Zaccone, Miramuro (self-panorama), 2015

Installazione interattiva per specchi e ospiti d'albergo, dimensioni ambiente

Location: Hotel San Felice, Capri

Miramuro (self-panorama) is an interactive light installation specifically created for the garden entrance of Hotel Villa Sanfelice in Capri. In the hotel courtyard we encounter three infinite mirrors lit with LEDs. The colors of the lights modify by adapting the color of the clothing of the people reflected. The space becomes a place of interaction, in which certain details are affected and transformed by the people, as they encounter their own being.
Zaccone's mirror installation invites viewers to become a fundamental part of the work and the whole Festival.

Photos by Claudia Ferri

Short Bio

Leonardo Zaccone (Roma, 1978)
A performer, sound & interactive artist/designer and teacher from primary school to university level.
His artistic research focuses on interactions such as human and technological processes.
He also has an interest in social, urban processes and founded "Roma Makers FabLab" in Rome, which is an open space to share culture and technological knowledge.