Gianluca Panareo feat. Vincenzo Pedata

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Gianluca Panareo feat. Vincenzo Pedata, Katharsis op.1 n.0, 2015

Electronic concert for underwater explosions, performance installation

Location: Piscina Hotel Syrene, Capri

Katharsis is a installation performance of underwater explosions created specifically for the swimming pool of Hotel Syrene in Capri. It will be a moment of meditation on the cycle of destruction and purification as seen throughout the progress of history.
The performance taking place in front of the eyes of the audience is intended to evoke a deep, unconscious feeling caused through the chemical reaction of the explosions mixed with sound and light. A cathartic act of purification.

Short Bio

Gianluca Panareo, Pesaro 1988
His work focuses on the search for suggestions, on the impact of signs and symbols, sensations as carriers of a concept.
Influenced by the canons of Divine Proportion and ancient art, his research aims to investigate the creation of a contemporary iconography about contemporary paradoxes.
He uses photography, theatre, performance and site-specific installations with a character of contamination and multimedia.
In Capri he will perform "Katharsis op. 1 n. 0", an electronic concert for underwater explosions with the live sound of Vincenzo Pedata (Napoli 1982) electronic musician at Pesaro's and Den Haag's Conservatoire.