Mario Airò

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Mario Airò, Atlantide variazione Goldberg, 2015

Laser animation, environmental dimensions

Location: Monte Cappello, Anacapri

Atlantide variazione Goldberg (Altantide Goldberg Variation) is a site-specific project created for the island of Capri. It is an ephemeral laser light drawing on the rock surface of Mount Cappello. The project stems from the artists' open research on the landscape and the relationship between nature and beauty. With this animation, Airò transforms non-anthropic places into magical spaces, through his delicate laser drawings. With this light event Airò creates a show for absent spectators, the true protagonist becomes the place touched by the light work, with its natural features and the energy that has formed and shaped it. Capri's laser animation projects on Mount Cappello shows the profile of the legendary Atlantis island as it appears in 6 consecutive historical maps. The immaginary island overlaps and blends the real isle.
Till September 19.
Photo by Claudia Ferri

Short Bio

Mario Airò (1961 Pavia, Italy)
Over the past Twenty years Airò has created environments melding architecture, writing, music and light. Airò's work seizes on infinite space as a starting point for a mental journey to other realms. The work is situated between the mundane world that is embodied in the tactile materials and the infinite mental realm that offers an escape from that world. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources that include philosophy (Ficino), Renaissance art, Lucio Fontana, literature and cinema, he transforms space with light (natural or artificial) and sound, demonstrating a higly sensitive intelligence.