Konstantin Khudyakov

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Konstantin Khudyakov, Adam - icon case, The Birth of the Star, Golden Bullet, Three sisters

Installation of 4 3D-mirrors, 63x63 cm

Location: Studio Lab - Via Vittorio Emanuele 50, Capri

Khudyakov merges the space of the world behind the mirror and reality to create his own parallel world.
In this project we observe the decay of the ties between different epochs: past, present and future shifts places in front of our eyes. The viewer gets in touch with the underworld through a particular form of life in virtual reality.
In the past people associated mirrors with the underworld. They believed, that the mirrors remember everything that happened with them and in front of them. Moreover, they not only reflect, but absorb the energetics and feelings of the person who is looking into it. Some modern physicists consider that on a molecular level, mirrors contain all the images that were ever reflected in them, and someday we will learn to perceive this information. The artist has learned how to stop time using his own particular artistic method.

Courtesy Gromova Gallery, Moscow

Short Bio

Konstantin Khudyakov was born in 1945 in Saratov Region, Russia. He graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), he is the chairman of Creative union of Russian artists, the chairman of the board of the Center of modern art M'ARS, member of Moscow Union of artists, member of Russian Academy of Arts, honored artist of Russia.
In 1965 he entered the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) where in the first years already he was taken with the architectural avant-garde of the 1920's - 1930's: works of El Lissitzky and Kazmir Malevich. Painting and museum exposition design would be his main occupations and fields of creative research for nearly fifteen years.
After the graduation (1971) Khudyakov was placed by MARCHI on the job of the chief artist in the Central Lenin Museum and designed numerous Lenin museums in different countries (Eastern Europe, Finland, Switzerland, France, Yemen) for ten years. At the same time he pursued painting and took much interest in latest technologies that could be applied for creation of new representational tools.
He was one of the first Moscow painters to use an airbrush. From 1978 till 1988 Khudyakov was one of the leading painters in the group named "Twenty Moscow Artists".
His first works made using digital technologies - digital photography and Photoshop - date to 1997-1998. Today Khudyakov is sure that he and computer make up a whole. It happened to be a complete integration with the instrument, so important for every artist.
In 2009 Khudyakov was the world's first to create an artistic format
consisting of an interactive screen with a preset basic image "containing" an infinitude of related scenes. In 2014 Konstantin developed this theme, creating the unique 3D-mirrors, which gave the incredible volume and depth to his works, creating the real interconnection between the art and the viewer.
Khudyakov's works are distinguished by a visual activity, even aggressiveness of images, their semantic intensity, and also a keen
interest in the present day. He uses the capacities of up-to-date technologies as a language of art best suited for him to solve the artistic problems exercising his mind.