Museum in Movement

Experience the destinations virtually through innovative web technology.

Museum in Movement

"MUinMO" (Museum in Movement) is an experimental web platform created to share knowledge about the places you visit using smartphone and tablet technology.
It extends the concept of the museum to include the whole city/area, where monuments can be visited in succession along possible routes.
MUinMO suggests routes and itineraries and helps you to discover the changes of the locations through time.

Capri | The Island of Art

An open air festival joined by artists of national and international contemporary art scene, invited to dialogue with places and stories of the island.

M-project - Modern Museum in Movement

Modern Museum in Movement is a project of experimental communication, being the first network of art itineraries between Naples and Capri.

NO, Global Tour, since 2009 by Santiago Sierra

Environmental installation, wooden sculpture, 300x428x52 cm.

Terrazza della Funicolare, Capri

Atlantide variazione Goldberg, 2015 by Mario Airò

Laser animation, environmental dimensions

Monte Cappello, Anacapri

Madre Serafina di Dio, 2015 by Andrea Aquilanti

Interactive installation, site dimensions

Refettorio Chiesa di San Michele ad Anacapri

Towards you, 2015 by Bianco-Valente

Iron letters, 250x20 cm

Belvedere di Punta Tragara, Capri


Language + the materials referred to, dimensions variable

Staircase of Bell Tower - Piazzetta, Capri

Syren by Ozmo


Casa Guiscardo Ramondini, Piazza La Torre, Anacapri

Seicentodiecimilametri (Sixhundredtenthousandmeters) by David Casini

Brass and print on paper

Villa Lysis, first floor

Cuprum II... in honorem Iovis by Daniela Di Maro

Interactive sound installation

Villa Lysis, first floor

Untitled by Giuseppe Teofilo


Terrace of the Funicolare


iron, led strips, charger, controller, steel cable - Variable size

Panorama of Punta Tragara

Scultura Sirena - scandaglio (Mermaide Sculpture - sounder) by Francesco Carone

black coated bronze and natural pearls

Atrium of Capri's City Hall

Chi sei tu, lo stesso sono io (Who are you, the same is me) by Marco Bagnoli

Iron, wood, ceramica and glass fiber

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

IO X TE by Marco Bagnoli

22 elements in painted wood

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Sonovasoro by Marco Bagnoli

Alabaster on wooden board

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Untitled by Domenico Bianchi

Ink on paper and enamel on silver

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Untitled (Wax and silver) by Domenico Bianchi

Wax and silver on glass fiber

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Fontana Verticale (vertical fountain) by Remo Salvadori

copper, lead, tin, water, engine

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Non si volta chi a stella è fisso by Remo Salvadori

White marble for sculpture and black bellina marble

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Ascolta il flauto di canna (listen to the reed flute) by Marco Bagnoli

Elements in cast aluminum, stone - variable height

Villa Lysis, garden

Come figura d'arciere (as an archer figure) by Marco Bagnoli


Villa Lysys, terrace at the first floor

Untitled (bench) by Domenico Bianchi

Carrara marble and red inlay

Villa Lysis

La stanza delle tazze (the cups room) by Remo Salvadori

copper, lead, rope, canvas

Villa Lysis, second floor

Triade (triad) by Remo Salvadori

Bronze on marble slab

Villa Lysis, terrace at first floor