Museum in Movement

Experience the destinations virtually through innovative web technology.

Museum in Movement

"MUinMO" (Museum in Movement) is an experimental web platform created to share knowledge about the places you visit using smartphone and tablet technology.
It extends the concept of the museum to include the whole city/area, where monuments can be visited in succession along possible routes.
MUinMO suggests routes and itineraries and helps you to discover the changes of the locations through time.

Capri | The Island of Art

An open air festival joined by artists of national and international contemporary art scene, invited to dialogue with places and stories of the island.

M-project - Modern Museum in Movement

Modern Museum in Movement is a project of experimental communication, being the first network of art itineraries between Naples and Capri.

Marta e l'elefante by Stefano Bombardieri

Meditation 626 by Seo Young-Deok

"Vestiges" by Matteo Procaccioli

Nirvana 213 by Seo Young-Deok

Anguish 303 by Seo Young-Deok

Anguish 190 by Seo Young-Deok