Capri | The Island of Art - 1st Edition (2015)

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Capri | The Island of Art - 1st Edition (2015)

La prima edizione da Settembre a Dicembre 2015

Opening 4 settembre Hotel Syrene, via Camerelle 51 - Capri

On September 4th the island of Capri will welcome the first edition of the project: Capri The Island of Art, an open air art festival- supported by Franco Senesi, cultural producer of Capri - which involves over 20 national and international contemporary artists, invited to interact with the venues and stories of the island. Performances, audio and video installations, large sculptures, night projections, exhibitions in public and private locations, will be part of a full schedule which will last over four months and will also include the town of Naples, as an ideal bridge between sea, earth and the underground, by involving the Art Stations of Naples subway and the most important contemporary art museums. 21 site specific artworks, selected by curators Marco Izzolino and Lucia Zappacosta, including world renowned artists such as Santiago Sierra, Lawrence Weiner, Andrea Aquilanti, Mario Airò and Bianco-Valente.

There will also be an exhibition within the project Canone Inverso (Inverse Canon), at the Canonica of the 14th century Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo, Capri, which will be opened to the public after it was partially restored for the project. The most ancient monastery in Capri becomes a venue and core of the event, hosting four large-scale installations displayed inside the Canonica by artists Alessandro Cannistrà, Peter Demetz, Rocco Dubbini, Gino Sabatini Odoardi. The exhibition counterposes contemporary artworks and materials with traditional art composition techniques to explore the balance between emotions and reason in the visual arts, as well as in music.

The other selected artists - Michelangelo Bastiani, Elena Bellantoni, Blue & Joy, Laura Cionci, Michelangelo Consani, Andrea Di Cesare, Alice Grassi, Konstantin Khudyakov, Gianluca Panareo, Antonio Sannino, Leonardo Zaccone, Zino - through their own methods of expression, follow the two themes of the visual story of the first edition of the festival: light and verbal language, as elements of iconic representation, with interesting solutions of reciprocity.

Among the works created for this project: on the one side of the Piazzetta bell tower, a symbolic place of Capri social life, there will be "STONES SKIPPED ACROSS THE BAY OF NAPLES" by the visual artist Lawrence Weiner, who will establish a communication between the language and ancient architecture; the rocky outline of Monte Cappello at Anacapri (a side of Monte Solaro) will become a natural canvas to display the laser projection designed by Mario Airò, an artist specialized in transforming places by using lights and light beams. For 15 nights, Airò's work will be visible from the Piazzetta, from Marina Grande and also from the sea.

After the success of the trial "Edition zero" of the Festival in 2014, the 2015 edition consolidates the unique format of scattered events and installations to highlight the territory of Capri. This has been made possibile thanks to collaboration between Capri the Island of Art cultural Association with the Town of Capri, the Municipality of Anacapri and for the Canonica exhibition, with the support of Polo Museale della Campania (Campania Museums Association). The artworks - all site-specific - are spread over the island in iconic places like the Piazzetta and also to be discovered in private locations such as in hotels, along the streets, on the wall of a building, along the side of a mountain. The purpose of the Festival is to provide audiences with a new cultural and sensory experience of the island. The artists involved - both internationally renowned and young, emerging artists - have all been asked to interpret the myths, places and stories of Capri through their personal approach: from sculpture to painting, from video art to interactive and performance art. This results in an unique itinerary which amazes, intrigues and fascinates those who visit or live on the island, and makes them wonder.

This year's innovations include - besides the Canonica - the Mproject - Modern Museum in Movement, an experimental communication project "with the mainland" - Naples, that results from the interaction and exchange between Capri The Island of Art with ANM (Naples Transportation Company) and the Art Stations of Naples Subway. It is a joint map of public venues of Contemporary art throughout Naples -in Art Stations, museums and foundations - that can be visited using the transportation lines managed by ANM (Subway, Funiculars, Buses and Tramways) linked to the event in Capri. The map will be available at all information points of ANM and Capri, on the free M Project Art App and on the Festival website.

Through the Festival, Capri proves to be muse for artistic experimentation, an open-air gallery, a place of meeting and exchange between artists and different languages, thanks to the investment on the territory made by Liquid art system. Over centuries, Capri has been a hotbed for artistic and literary avantgrades. The event recovers the historical memory of Capri as a destination and crossroad for artists, thinkers and intellectuals attracted and seduced by the charming beauty of the island. Capri The Island of Art continues this tradition.

Progetto di disperdere energia, since 2008 by Michelangelo Consani

Color video

TV rooms, Capri Tiberio Palace, Capri

Databook, 2015 by Zino

Book, lego blocks, augmented reality dimensions variable from 30x40 cm to 60x40 cm approx.

Entrance of Capri Palace, Anacapri - Until the 13th of October

Il solitario solidale, 2014 by Elena Bellantoni

Two mirrors one infront of the other + postcards.

Centro Multimediale M. Cacace, Anacapri - Until the 28th of October

Mi rivolto, dunque siamo, 2014 by Elena Bellantoni

Neon, 150 cm

Centro Multimediale M. Cacace, Anacapri - Until the 28th of October

My Ego is better than yours, 2015 by Blue & Joy

Spray paint on aluminum, dimensions variable

Giardini di Augusto, Capri

Katharsis op.1 n.0, 2015 by Gianluca Panareo feat. Vincenzo Pedata

Electronic concert for underwater explosions, performance installation

Piscina Hotel Syrene, Capri

Blue Imaginary - Blue Grotto House, 2015 by Alice Grassi

Series of 4 kaolin houses, 25.5x15.5x15.5 cm, LED and mixed media

Studio Lab - Via Vittorio Emanuele, 50, Capri

Blue Imaginary - Draw on Light, 2015 by Alice Grassi

Series of 6 lightboxes, 15x22,5x7 cm, LED and mixed media

Studio Lab - Via Vittorio Emanuele, 50, Capri

Olim, 2015 by Andrea Di Cesare

Neon, stones, site dimensions

Staircase Hotel Syrene, Capri - Until the 3rd of November

Progetto H, 2015 by Laura Cionci

Glitter on resin statue statua

Studio Lab - Via Vittorio Emanuele 50, Capri Via Vittorio Emanuele 37, Capri Square of Hotel Quisisana, Capri

Miramuro (self-panorama), 2015 by Leonardo Zaccone

Installazione interattiva per specchi e ospiti d'albergo, dimensioni ambiente

Hotel San Felice, Capri

Adam - icon case, The Birth of the Star, Golden Bullet, Three sisters by Konstantin Khudyakov

Installation of 4 3D-mirrors, 63x63 cm

Studio Lab - Via Vittorio Emanuele 50, Capri

La prospettiva del tempo visivo nello spazio convenzionale, 2004 by Rocco Dubbini

Bones reconstructed in ceramic marble, 120x600x30cm

Capri, Canonica in the Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Untitled with kneeling-stool, 2015 by Gino Sabatini Odoardi

Site installation of mixed media

Capri, Canonica in the Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo


Language + the materials referred to, dimensions variable

Staircase of Bell Tower - Piazzetta, Capri

Towards you, 2015 by Bianco-Valente

Iron letters, 250x20 cm

Belvedere di Punta Tragara, Capri

Madre Serafina di Dio, 2015 by Andrea Aquilanti

Interactive installation, site dimensions

Refettorio Chiesa di San Michele ad Anacapri

Atlantide variazione Goldberg, 2015 by Mario Airò

Laser animation, environmental dimensions

Monte Cappello, Anacapri

Percorso di Luce - Le otto fontane (Path of Light - The eight fountains), 2015 by Michelangelo Bastiani

Dyptic, LED monitor, computer, 470x66 cm.

StudioLab Via Vittorio Emanuele 50, Capri

The Exhibition, 2014 by Peter Demetz

Linden and acrylic, 300 x 450 x 10 cm.

Capri, Canonica in the Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Niente di più semplice, 2015 by Alessandro Cannistrà

Site installation, audio, light and smoke on wood

Location: Capri, Canonica in the Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Octagon Project - Inner Outside, 2014 by Antonio Sannino

Oil on linen, 11200 x 200 cm.

White Room, Piazza Vittoria 1, Anacapri

NO, Global Tour, since 2009 by Santiago Sierra

Environmental installation, wooden sculpture, 300x428x52 cm.

Terrazza della Funicolare, Capri


A project by "Ass. Cult. Capri the Island of Art" in partnership with Città di Capri and Comune di Anacapri.

Artistic Direction
Marco Izzolino
Exhibition designers
Marco Izzolino and Lucia Zappacosta
Project Manager
Roberto Faravelli
Liquid art system (fondata da Franco Senesi)
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