Capri | The Island of Art - Edition 0 (2014)

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Capri | The Island of Art - Edition 0 (2014)

CAPRI | THE ISLAND OF ART is an artistic and cultural project which aims at promoting and experimenting, on the audience, projects by international artists specifically designed for the island of Capri and spread throughout its territory. The artistic projects are linked to an ideal cultural path which connects the places where they are located, a path that visitors can travel by discovering the island through art.

Capri's international fame is related to its Roman history: Augustus, the first emperor, made it his own property where he started to receive artists and intellectuals, as patron. Tiberius, the second emperor, lived there for ten years and made it the artistic and cultural centre of the Empire. This project is ideally connected to that historical period of Capri and tries to restore the island's international artistic centrality.

This "zero" edition, the beginning, aims at showing the emotional involvement that the island of Capri can offer to visitors, if it is turned into - as it happened in its ancient past - a large open stage for artistic experimentation. This edition obviously starts in little, since it has the thankless task to test the available places and means.

There is a leitmotif which, this year, combines the projects of CAPRI | THE ISLAND OF ART: to tell how a place can condense the dreams and expectations of many people, allowing them to create - although for a limited period - a deep connection with each other, by arising and meeting that melting pot of emotions, thoughts, reflections, feelings which is hidden in everyone.

Capri has this undeniable talent. It is an actual place but it is also a "non-place", where the dream merge with reality. It is an island, and what has been told about it during the centuries influences its perception more than the direct observation. The story of the beauty of Capri contributes to make it the travel destination of many visitors, who reach the island already charmed, before starting walking through its narrow streets.

The installations and projects which fill the two towns on the island speak of a dream-like atmosphere, crowded by whimsical beings, where everything is possible; where - among light games and music which touch the heart - everybody can be turned into the character of a fairy tale... or, up with the times, into a computer script getting lost into the endless maze of the Web.

The Moon on Monte Cappello by Paco Desiato

Photo projection of high dimension illustrations

Monte Cappello

The man of the season (in loving memory of loving memories) 2007-10 by Luana Perilli

11' 15''

Videowall, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri (dalle 18:00 alle 21:30)

Immanence, 2009 by Sebastiano Mauri

Color Video 53'

Videowall, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri (dalle 18:00 alle 21:30)

BIOGRAPHY OF YOU by Andrea Gabriele

Installazione Audio

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 50 (Arco d'ingresso Studio Lab)

Regards Croisés, 2010 by Gea Casolaro

8' 36"

Sala Video, Hotel Syrene, Capri

Eron by Eron


Casa Guiscardo Ramondini, Via Orlandi, Anacapri

Come quando per errore salto un gradino (de-canter), 2014 by Afterall

1' 03''

Sala Video, Hotel Syrene, Capri

How to kill the artists, episode 7 (2010), episode 8 (2013) by Laurina Paperina

3' 10'' - 5' 37''

Videowall, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri (dalle 10:00 alle 13:00)

Stangliro, 2013 by Rita Casdia

Proiezione di Animazioni Artistiche - 4'10''

Videowall, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri (dalle 10:00 alle 13:00)

RetWeet, 2012 by Jukuki

Short animation about social networking - 1′ 09″

Videowall, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri (dalle 10:00 alle 13:00)

Syren by Ozmo


Casa Guiscardo Ramondini, Piazza La Torre, Anacapri

GOTHIC, 2012 by Rebecca Agnes

2D animation, 5"

Videowall, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri (dalle 10:00 alle 13:00)

HasciiCam, 2000 by Jaromil

Software, ASCII art installation

Sala PC, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri

Aleppe!, 2014 by Caterina De Nicola e Antonio Di Biase

Isothermal fabric, wood, amplifier, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Software - variable dimensions

Giardino, Centro Multimediale "Mario Cacace", Anacapri

REWIND & PLAY, 2014 by La mia Paura è bianca

Light Installation light gel filter, plastic, aluminium

Viale Axel Munthe

Carro grande con guerrieri, 2012 by Paolo Staccioli

Corten and bronze - cm 216 x 150

Cortile dell'Hotel Regina Cristina

Drachenkampf, 2013 by Gloria Sulli

Netwire, polyurethane foam, cm 240 x 350 x 150

Cortile dell'Hotel Syrene, Capri

Untitled, 2012 by Peppe Perone

Fiberglass and sand - cm 175 x 110

Via Tragara, Capri

Untitled, 2009 by Lucio Perone

Fiberglass and varnish - cm 227 x 117 x 90

Piazzetta, Capri

Il mio pensiero libero, 2014 by Gianfranco Meggiato

Steel and bronze - cm 260 x 80

Yacht Club Capri, Marina Grande

Human Needs, 2014 by Bruno Cerasi

Iron, cardboard, silicone, varnish - About cm 200 x 100 x 50

Via Vittorio Emanuele, Capri