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Capri Orient Express

Capri | The Island of Art - 2nd Edition (2016)

Certosa di San Giacomo - Villa Lysis - Capri 11 September - 11 December 2016

The exhibition Capri Orient Express, curated by Sergio Risaliti, with the technical and scientific coordination of Patrizia Di Maggio, director of the Charterhouse, opens on September 11th at 4.00 pm at the San Giacomo Charterhouse.

Capri Orient Express focuses on three Italian protagonists of the contemporary art: Marco Bagnoli, Domenico Bianchi, Remo Salvadori, also displayed at Villa Lysis, whose works highlight the fruitful relationship existing between the ancient and the modern, successfully interacting with such a focal venue for the history and identity of Capri.

The project was also the result of a long lasting cooperation between the curator and the artists, and it developed from the reflection inspired by the recurring presence - in the works - of symbolic elements and hieroglyphics taken from the eastern and middle-eastern culture, calling to mind a formal and conceptual tradition that - within the Mediterranean area - originated the exchange and cohabitation of different cultures, often assimilated by the Italian arts, philosophy, scientific tradition and poetry.

The works of Bagnoli, Bianchi and Salvadori, relating with the Mediterranean and far east cultures, trigger memories and conversations between the ancient masters of spirituality and the western world, reconnect symbolic exchanges and formal knowledge, which have been spreading over centuries along the sea routes and in the ports, and show an experience of the art as "other" knowledge and vision. Significant is the interaction with the Charterhouse which - in its sinuous lines recalls similar formal paradigms of the eastern architecture - and with Villa Lysis, named after Plato's Dialogue Lysis, the house of the cultured and extremely refined Jacques Fersen, a representative of a free and emancipated way of life and thought, who also fed on eastern and middle-eastern rites, symbolism and suggestions.

Capri The Island of Art, organized by the namesake Cultural Association, in partnership with the Town of Capri and the Municipality of Anacapri and - as regards the exhibition at the Charterhouse of Saint James - with the Campania Museum Centre, confirms the format of event scattered on the territory. The artworks, mostly site specific, are scattered on the most symbolic venues of the island, such as the Piazzetta, but also in private areas, large hotels, along the streets, on the walls of a building, on the side of a mountain, to suggest a different cultural and sensory approach to the venues of the island to the audience. In fact, the artists have been invited to "interpret" the myths, the places and stories of Capri, and everyone replied with their own language, from sculpture to painting to performance arts. The result is an original itinerary which surprises, intrigues, seduces and asks questions to those who are staying on the island or are visiting for a short journey, and including the Charterhouse points out that the development and promotion of the contemporary culture cannot disregard the restoration of the roots and focal venues of the history and identity of the territory.

The activity of Marco Bagnoli, Domenico Bianchi and Remo Salvadori started before the outbreak of the Transavantgarde movement (1978-79), just before the international success of the Arte Povera movement. They participated in important exhibition events such as the Venice Biennial and Documenta by Kassel, personal exhibitions in important museums in Italy and abroad (Marco Bagnoli: Magasin in Grenoble, Rivoli Castle, IVAM in Valencia, Pecci Museum in Prato; Domenico Bianchi: Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Rivoli Castle, Macro in Rome; Remo Salvadori: Magasin in Grenoble, Pecci Museum in Prato, MAXXI in Rome), and collective exhibitions among which Identité Italienne, Chambres d'Amis, Terrae Motus, Europa Oggi and Minimalia. Works by these three artists are displayed in prestigious public and private collections, in Italy and abroad, among which the MADRE Museum in Naples, the Rivoli Castle and the MAXXI in Rome.

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POSTER Capri Orient Express - San Giacomo Charterhouse
POSTER Capri Orient Express - Villa Lysis

Triade (triad) by Remo Salvadori

Bronze on marble slab

Villa Lysis, terrace at first floor

La stanza delle tazze (the cups room) by Remo Salvadori

copper, lead, rope, canvas

Villa Lysis, second floor

Untitled (wax and palladium) by Domenico Bianchi

Wax and palladium on glass fiber

Villa Lysis

Untitled (bench) by Domenico Bianchi

Carrara marble and red inlay

Villa Lysis

Come figura d'arciere (as an archer figure) by Marco Bagnoli


Villa Lysys, terrace at the first floor

Ascolta il flauto di canna (listen to the reed flute) by Marco Bagnoli

Elements in cast aluminum, stone - variable height

Villa Lysis, garden

Non si volta chi a stella è fisso by Remo Salvadori

White marble for sculpture and black bellina marble

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Fontana Verticale (vertical fountain) by Remo Salvadori

copper, lead, tin, water, engine

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Soglia (threshold) by Remo Salvadori

Copper and painted wood

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Untitled (bench) by Domenico Bianchi

Cardoso Marble and lapis lazuli

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Untitled (Wax and silver) by Domenico Bianchi

Wax and silver on glass fiber

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Untitled by Domenico Bianchi

Ink on paper and enamel on silver

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Sonovasoro by Marco Bagnoli

Alabaster on wooden board

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

IO X TE by Marco Bagnoli

22 elements in painted wood

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo

Chi sei tu, lo stesso sono io (Who are you, the same is me) by Marco Bagnoli

Iron, wood, ceramica and glass fiber

Church of the Chartusian Monastery of San Giacomo


The project Capri the Island of Art is an open air event created by Franco Senesi, president of the namesake cultural association which organizes this event in partnership with the Town of Capri..

Artistic Direction
Marco Izzolino
Guest curator of Capri Orient Express
Sergio Risaliti
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